Just released new designs

We just released 5 new designs and a whole bunch of products, all still catering to coffee lovers! The new designs are; "Keep Pouring" an image that recollects the days of classic coffee shops and diners, "Big Cat Brew" another one for cat lovers, with a jazz flavor, "Perfect Blend" a tribute to friends having coffee together, "Retro Java" (our logo) because we're so proud and excited about our new online store and we hope some of you are too, and finally the "RJ Boutique" image, from our "About Us" page, that gives you a feel for the kind of store we aspire to be.

 We still have more new designs in the pipeline, as well as some Holiday stuff on the way. We promise the next set won't be strictly coffee related, so stay tuned. In the meantime, have a look at the new offerings and please buy something! All this inventory is really starting to pile up. We can hardly move in the aisles. 

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